University of Edinburgh

Project title: 
Leveraging routinely collected and linked research data to study the causes and consequences of common mental disorders


This project will pool data from several sources including anonymised health records, genetics and psychological studies to build a picture of the development of mental health conditions like depression. It will also create secure facilities for health data research, forming a vital resource for Scottish researchers. 


Our vision is to make meaningful links between ongoing research studies spanning the whole lifespan and anonymised health records to better understand the causes and consequences of mental health conditions. We hope that this will enable more effective treatments and ultimately pave the way for improving resilience to common mental health disorders.

 Andrew McIntosh, Professor of Biological Psychiatry, CCBS


This project takes 4 general approaches: 

  • Enhance Existing Studies
  • Mining Information
  • Genomics and Genetics
  • Public Engagement


Professor Andrew McIntosh introduces the project at the University of Edinburgh [7min13]

Video Transcript

Funding for this project has been received from MRC Mental Health Data Pathfinder award (MC_PC_17209) and The University of Edinburgh.


Our People

Name Role
Dr Mark Adams Data Scientist
Dr Beatrice Alex Chancellors Fellow and Turing Fellow
Dr Drew Altschul Post-doctoral Research Associate
Dr Iona Beange Knowledge Exchange Officer
Professor James Boardman Professor of Neonatal Medicine
Dr Stella Chan Chancellor's Fellow - Reader in Clinical Psychology
Dr Catherine Crompton Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Professor Ian Deary Professor of Psychology
Professor Chris Dibben Chair in Geography
Dr Sue Fletcher-Watson Senior Research Fellow
Dr Philip Gorinski Research Fellow
Dr Claire Grover Senior Research Fellow and Turing Fellow
Dr Matthew Iveson Senior Data Scientist
Dr Toni Kim-Clarke Research Fellow
Dr Elizabeth Kirkham Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Professor Stephen Lawrie Chair of Psychiatry and Neuro-Imaging & Head of the Division of Psychiatry
Professor Cathryn Lewis Professor of Genetic Epidemiology
Dr Riccardo Marioni Chancellor's Fellow
Professor Andrew McIntosh Project Lead. Professor of Biological Psychiatry
Professor Brian McKinstry Professor of Primary Care E-Health
Ms Denise Munro Administrative Secretary
Professor David Porteous Chair of Human Molecular Genetics & Medicine
Dr Carys Pugh Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Professor David Robertson Professor of Applied Logic / Head of College of Science & Engineering
Professor Catherine Sudlow Head of Centre for Medical Informatics / Personal Chair of Neurology and Clinical Epidemiology
Dr Heather Whalley Senior Research Fellow
Dr. William Whiteley Senior Clinical Fellow and Consultant Neurologist